The 5 Most Common Air Conditioning Problems in Cordova & Bartlett, TN

Here’s a horrible thought.  It’s blistering hot outside and, not surprisingly, it becomes blistering hot indoors.  Humid, too.  Intolerably so.

But you’re not worried, because your trust AC thermostat is no more than ten short steps and one finger maneuver away.

Uh, but all of a sudden you are worried.  Because those ten steps and one finger move failed to produce the desired result.  As in, your home air conditioning system DIDN’T turn on.  And for the tinkering, flipping back and forth of the thermostat switch, and muttering unspeakable oaths under your breath, it still won’t turn on.

Well, once the shock of the moment wears off, you’re going to want it fixed, and you’re going to want to know what happened.  Here at Crowe Heating & Air, we can help you on both counts, starting by sharing with you five of the top reasons why AC systems require professional attention:

1. Frozen coil inside the heat exchanger

Frozen coil problems usually start with a clogged filter or blocked duct return, both of which can restrict airflow.  Low refrigerant levels also can result in freezing.

2. Condensing unit isn’t working.

This is most often cause by a loose electrical connection or a broken thermostat.

3. Condensing unit fan is not working

If the fan isn’t working, then your unit can’t transfer heat from your home to the outdoors, which is the essence of how an air conditioning system operates.  If not detected and repaired quickly enough, the compressor also can become damaged.

4. Low refrigerant level

One reason to have your AC system professionally cleaned and inspected is to keep an eye on refrigerant levels.  They occasionally need to be recharged.  During an inspection, your Crowe HVAC professional also can check for cracks or leaks that can deplete your refrigerant supply.

5.  Faulty wiring

We’ve already seen that a loose electrical connection can cause your AC system to shut down or fail to operate at full capacity.  But what happens when your system wasn’t properly wired in the first place?  Not only will it eventually cause you problems but could even lead to an electrical fire.

If you’re already having a problem with your AC system, give us a call and we’ll get it resolved just as quickly as we can.  On the other hand, if you’d like to avoid problems in the first place, contact Crowe Heating & Air today for our professional cleaning and inspection service.  That way, we can spot problems in the making and take care of them before any real harm can be done.


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