How to Hire a Heating Contractor

How to Hire a Heating Contractor in Cordova and Arlington

“Let’s see, the guys with the cheapest price?  The ones with the most trucks?  Or how about the company with the cute TV commercials?”

It’s no easy decision when it comes to hiring a home heating contractor.  But here’s tip #1:  you’ll be a lot happier with your decision if you do some prior homework and look way past things like price, company size, and how much advertising they do.  That’s because your heating system is key to your family’s ongoing comfort, convenience, and safety.  So do you want just anybody working on it?  Of course not, and equally important, if you pick the right company, chances are you won’t have to conduct the same search again.CORDOVA HEATING CONTRACTOR HIRE FURNACE

So here’s a simple guide to help you make the right decision.

  1. Ask for referrals. Talk to your friends, neighbors, family members, and co-workers.  Who do they use for home heating services?  What do they like most about them and what, if anything, do they think that company can improve on?
  2. Hit the web.  Once you’ve compiled a short list of contenders, go check out their reviews on the internet.  In the process, you might run across other heating and HVAC contractors in the area that bear a closer look.  At the same time, check out the companies’ websites.  One thing to look for is their BBB accreditation and other indications of stability and professionalism.
  3. Pick up the phone.  Call one or more of the heating contractors you’re considering and ask the questions of greatest importance to you.  If your heating system is older, for example, you might want to ask if they provide 24/7 emergency service.
  4. Company guarantees.  For greater peace of mind, you want a company that gives you a written quote before they start the job.  Reputable companies will also provide a customer satisfaction guarantee along with warranties on parts and labor.
  5. Service. No matter how carefully you search and pre-screen, the high quality “acid test” occurs during and after the first time the contractor provides you with service.  Did they show up on time?  Analyze the problem and explain your options?  Afterwards, did they take the time to explain what they did and let you know what to expect?  And how about showing respect for your home, as in, did they leave the work area just as clean, or cleaner, than it was when they arrived?  The proof of great service is in the performance, not the promise.

Why would a company like ours encourage you to check out other heating and air companies?  Because here at Crowe Heating & Air, we’re very confident in our ability to meet or exceed each of your expectations.  So go ahead and give us a call.  We WANT you to feel as confident as possible before scheduling service.  Once you do, we promise we’ll repay your confidence with our very best work and customer service.

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