Gas Logs


We are now servicing and installed gas logs. Gas logs are a great source of heat especially when the power goes out. Having them cleaned and serviced once a year by a qualified technician will keep them running more efficient and help prevent future issues. Call us today to set up your service.


Gas Log Accessories

Would you like your gas logs to have a little more functionality or flare, here are some accessories you may be able to add to your existing set.

5301Remote Skytech Touchscreen Remote – Thermostatic control will allow you to leave the remote anywhere in the room and will shutdown the flames when the set temp is reached. Displays room temp and set temp. Child safety lock out feature.
remote3002 Skytech Remote – thermostat and manual settings, programmable, displays room temp and set temp as well as flame and low battery indicator.
lavagranules Lava Granules – Small lava granules can be spread around the floor of the fireplace to fill in empty space in front of and around glowing embers and burners.
EmberKit Ember Kit –
Traditional log and ember kit contains 6 burnt logs, white ash, and lava rock *Not for use atop a burner.
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